Classic 74”



The KING of all skateboards!

The Classic features a stunning hand-crafted deck with surfboard dynamics. The patented 200mm HST Carving trucks with our strongest gold springs and massive 97mm cast polyurethane wheels (goodbye rocks) offer a ride that is shockingly familiar to longboard surfers and longboard SUP Surfers alike. This truly the world’s finest longboard surf style board on wheels. Crafted from renewable and sustainable bamboo plywood, the Classic is both flexible and perfectly weighed.

Mounted on massive 24 mm riser blocks are a pair of patented HST carving trucks with 40° pivot axis angle baseplates and 200mm axle hangers, which give 30° degrees of board lean and allows the ultimate rail-to-rail flow, board lean and extreme carving angles.

  • Length: 74 in
  • Width: 15 in
  • Wheelbase: 50 in
  • Weight: 33 lb
  • Wheel Diameter: 97 mm
  • Front Truck: HST 40° baseplate, 200 mmhanger
  • Rear Truck: HST 40° baseplate, 200 mmhanger