Endurance All Star 45”



Made to Go the Distance

This is a purpose-built, complete longboard for long-distance pushing, pumping and skateboard poling (land paddling) athlete. Anyone can learn to land paddle and pump on this race-quality complete board. 

This 45in deck is fast, agile and pumpable and gives enough steering to navigate urban obstacles.  

  • Length: 45 in
  • Width: 11 in
  • Wheelbase: 28 in - 34 in
  • Weight: 11 lb
  • Wheel Diameter: 83 mm
  • Front Truck: HST 40° baseplate, 200 mmhanger
  • Rear Truck: HST 0° baseplate, 160 mmhanger

Features & Attributes:

  • Smooth and flat to maximize space for comfortable footwork
  • Highly Pumpable Configuration
  • Huge 83mm wheels for a buttery-smooth ride
  • Adjustable front and rear truck locations to get the feel you need
  • Can be converted to a Longboard Carving Surfskate (Swap the rear truck from a ZR0 to a 40 and shift the front & back truck locations, and you're surfing on a Huntington Hop).